Join us for our very first Wilbur Wright Day Celebration on April 16th, 2022.

Paul Carr as Wilbur Wright
WIlbur Wright Day is Wilbur Wright's birthday. WIlbur was born on April 16, 1867.

The Celebration will include speakers, teachers and art contest winners

The event runs from 12PM-3PM and features historian Larry Tise and other speakers.

We will be featuring the winners of the 2022 FFS Youth Aviation Art Contest.

FFS will introduce the first four teachers we are sponsoring for classes leading to Continuing Education credits from Sally Ride Science at the University of California-San Diego.

Introduction of the First Flight Society Kids Club, focusing on youth aviation education for elementary aged children 6- 12 years old.

In 2022 the highlight will be a presentation by historian Larry Tise.

Larry’s presentation will be “The Enigmatic Wilbur Wright at Kitty Hawk and Beyond”.

His books on the Wright brothers include: Hidden Images of the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk (History Press, 1st edition, 2006; 2nd expanded edition, 2019)—digital studies of the Wrights’ original photographs; Conquering the Sky (Palgrave Macmillan, 2009)—narrative of the Wrights’ “secret flights” at Kill Devil Hills in 1908; Circa 1903: North Carolina’s Outer Banks at the Dawn of Flight (UNC Press, 2019—photographic study of the culture and environment of Coastal Carolina during the Wright’s Kitty Hawk ventures from 1900 to 1911). Tise also maintains an elaborate Kitty Hawk-Wright brothers website at and has lectured across North Carolina and nationally on the Wright brothers and other topics. At East Carolina he taught seminars on specific Wright topics including the Carolina coast, the pivotal year 1908 in early flight, and “soaring flight” as pursued by the Wrights in 1911.

Barbara Snowden presents Highlights and Lowlights-500 years of Currituck History.

Barbara Snowden has been the Currituck County Historian since 1984.  She is a retired American History teacher and currently works with Social Studies interns for ECU. She is a member of the North Carolina Historical Commision.  In 2017 she co-authored Goodliest and Most Pleasant Territory, a building survey of Currituck County.

Ms. Snowden lives in Currituck with her husband Wilson and their dog Sweets.

Paul Carr embodies the Spirit of Wilbur Wright

Captain Paul Carr appears as The Spirit of Wilbur Wright and offers a personal story of his life growing up in Dayton, Ohio, the positive influences of his parents, and how the close relationship with his brother Orville combined to forge the path that led to their historical achievements. 

 Paul Carr is a retired airline Captain for Delta Airlines and a retired Air Force Colonel.  He has over 40 years of aviation experience, having flown numerous aircraft including the B767/757, B737, MD88, L1011, KC-10, KC-135, T-37, and T-38.  As Chief, Air Reserve Component, Air Force Future Concepts and Transformation Division he led a Pentagon group in exploring where military aviation is headed in the coming decades.  He has had a life-long curiosity about the Wright Brothers and has been appearing as a Wilbur Wright story teller since 2002. 

Wilbur Wright Day will be celebrated at Currituck County Regional Airport at the College of the Albemarle-Currituck Campus.

Wilbur Wright Day is brought to you by the First Flight Society.